Nurit was born and raised in Israel, a graphic design graduate with passion for arts and fashion, photography and illustration. Kitten lover, based in Tel Aviv, always searching for her career, but hasn’t found it yet. Doing arts is her love, and an every-day boring job is her enemy. Age 26 going on 18, hoping that some day people will stop saying she looks younger.

We offer you the opportunity to join our designers, So if you want to spread the word about your art this is the place for you, we will print your art on our products, you will get samples of the products send to you, and earn commission for every sale we made. send us your details for farther information

Sylvan O’Reilly,Astral-Haze,  is a psychedelic artist born in Amsterdam,1987, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Sylvan grew up in Titirangi among the lush Waitakere Ranges, where he found himself surrounded by nature and an array of creative minds. He attended Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland where he explored many techniques and media including photography, painting, drawing, digital formats, printing and sculpture. His principal work activity involves freelance graphic art and design while his personal art focuses on explorations of the mind and going beyond the superficial.

The work explores visionary, spiritual and psychedelic realms.

Because of the infinite scope of this kind of art, his palette is broad and colour plays a huge part, as does pattern, symmetry, iconic motif, repetition, perspective and illusion. Observers taking a closer look at the imagery will be rewarded as his work is often quite layered and textured.

Daxiong Guo was born in Jilin Province, China and began drawing at a very young age. After graduating with a degree in Commercial Design from the Jilin Art Institute, he began teaching comic and cartoon illustration where he created material still used in Chinese classrooms today.

In 1999 Daxiong founded QiCartoon Studios ( where he served as chief illustrator, producing over 100 publications. He is currently one of the most successful artists in Chinese and European comics and has received tremendous recognition for his work in the industry, including first place at the Shanghai Animation & Comic Competition, and top honors at the 33rd Annual Angouleme International Comics Festival.

Daxiong relocated to New York City in 2008 and founded Flag Studios, LLC. Since then he has done artwork in Top 10 Special #1 with DC/Wildstorm Productions, Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars Adventures: Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes and “Superman and Doctor Light in Samurai” in DC’s 80 Page Giant, Justice League of America written by Amanda Mcmurry.

Ben, A designer, photographer, sculptor, etc based out of California, in the United States where I have lived my whole life. BRGproductions is a label/signature I go by so you know my work and know it is authentic. I have not been around in the art world for too long only 4-5 years but have (in my own opinion) been off to a very good start and you can see what I mean through my Achievements page at the top. I am very motivated to be better in my many fields I work with, whether it be photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. I am a self taught artist other than very general of studies with normal schooling. I have only worked in a professional level through my own business doing freelance and design work for specific sites and companies. I love freelance but I hope to one day be in a full time job working with design.

 wayak, 22 year old visionary artist born in mexico. Inspiration comes as a result of infinite love for life, travels to both the spiritual and the psychedelic realms and the overwhelming feeling of divine presence in all sentient beings.

"Although I've always enjoyed drawing, it was only at the age of 19, at the peak of my spiritual awakening, that i understood the power that dwells in the free expression of the creative self."

Ever since, he devoted himself to live and create from the  heart.  Awaken to the power of creativity.

Faces unfolding is a digital art project in which anything that comes through channel and express  immediately. It quickly turns to a chain reaction because each creation leads to new feelings which express into a new creation. Thus the name, faces unfolding, every face sets the space for the next one to come.

The hole process is recorded into this hypnotic video.

Enjoy the trip!

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PLAZMALAB - Everything is designed in house, at our urban studio over looking the roofs of Tel Aviv.

Were inspired by stories and travels of the restless minds.

Here at Plazmalab we do the best to keep our obligation in brining the finest quality of each produced, while keeping the hand made touch.

Presenting to all our friends from around the globe our own angle of this world today,

hoping to spread Plazmalab's all-purpose wear, for all those twisted minds.


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