How it all started

The idea of a cool, useful and elegant Tobacco Pouch sprouted many years ago at the beginning of 2004. Since then we have improved that idea in terms of design and quality and created a wonderful product, the Bilok Pouch. We put as a main goal for our company the approach and the way we build our Brand, we improving our product variety in concern to the environment and the community surrounding us.

Brand Identity

As the main identity of our brand we are very proud of our "giving" and we spend lots of of time and energy to make this happen. When you give — you receive! And our work aims to give opportunity to those who might need a step up.


Our Factories

BILOK began the production at “Hameshakem” and "Ofek Industries” factories that hire people with limited working ability giving them a chance to integrate within the community. After two years of working together we were ‘forced’ to find new places to manufacture our products, as China was off the table for us, we looked further and found great places that could give us the best quality we are aiming for with the benefit of giving back. Now day’s production in BILOK Company is being carried out in two factories, one at the city of Ramla, Israel and the second in Nablus, at The Palestinian territories.

The Ramla factory is operated by prisoners that get the privilege to work as part of their rehabilitation process. Here are few key component of the idea behind the program:

- The prisoners make the best use of their time and by that relief them from pressure, stress and idleness.

- Giving the opportunity to gain practical training, work habits and experience.

- Improving their living conditions, giving them the option to support their families and to have savings for the future.

Textile manufacturing is one of the main industries operating in Nablus. Other being olive oil production, stone quarrying and furniture making. The main exporting going to Israel and Jordan. Partnering with Nablus based suppliers strengths the local economy and provide opportunities for growth.


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